World Bodyguards Association Hellas


Ο Κορυφαίος Οργανισμός Σωματοφυλακής στον Κόσμο

About us

Nothing can be possible, if our partner of every country does not see the cooperation with our Group very seriously.

The motives we provide are unique, as the model of cooperation we provide gives all possible motives first to our students and to our members by receiving amazing quality of training, after to our partners by receiving the biggest amount of the profit of the event and at the end our Group, by recieving the smallest amount of profit of the event, but the biggest amount of pride because we remain totally on track with the promise to upgrade the profession to a unique level.

That's why our Team Members are the best in the world.


1998 - 2020

That's why WE are the WORLD Bodyguards Association. That's why maybe WBA started later than others, but succeeded within the 22 years of its existence to be the FIRST in professionals and clients minds and people's souls.



We celebrate our 22 years of excellence and we invite you to celebrate with us!




Is well known that we make clients happy, because we provide them custom-made services, adapting our type of service to the needs and to the lifestyle of our client (and not the opposite).

We provide custom-made solutions, simply because client's needs are not the same. How is possible to apply to all clients the same model?


Crime evolving rapidly. Actions of organized criminals, terrorists, professional killers, psychopaths and more, every single day "decorating" the headlines of the global news.

How is possible today to provide for Very Important Persons, simple services of a "bodyguard"?


Even if our famous brand (since 1998) does not allow us to change it and we must keep the title "bodyguards" in it, the last 20 years we don't provide "bodyguards".

Our services are modern and sophisticated services, provided by skilled and properly educated Executive Protection Officers and according to their skills and to the needs of our client, we chose the correct CPO for the personality and the lifestyle of our client.


Not all our trainees and members are able to work next to our clients.

We don't promise jobs, simply because the CPO must cover the demanded by us skills for any of our clients.

We do respect the unemployment and the money our trainees invested, but most of all we respect our clients, the lives of our clients (and of our CPOs) and our name.

So, in a week or two is impossible someone to be a CPO in our standards.

On the contrary, for WBA the CPO must be the most well-educated person on issues of personal security and safety a client can hire. So, it's not possible in weeks or months of training, someone to get all those skills (keep in mind that one of the 53 different courses we provide is called: "micro-expressions" and a complete 3 levels course, takes more than a week, but after the CPO can recognise easier than ever a suspect of a direct attack for assassination or humiliation of the client).


For the security assessment and the design of the proper measurements for the protection of a client, we use our very serious know-how and proved experience, but also in some special cases we use the skills of forensic and investigation experts of our Group, for the estimation of the level of risk and the visible and invisible threats of the client/principal and of his/her family.

Only then we can design and apply a strong security plan, with many alternative plans, in order to remain and act as real professionals, if our main plan collapses because of any reason.


The operation under the Swiss group of companies "Kingston" (Kingston International Group GmbH), gives us almost unlimited options and we can use Kingston's "tools" and partners, providing like this, not only protection of the life of the client, but also of his/her property, his/her cyber protection, his/her investment, and many more.

This makes us unique, simply because easily we can provide:

  • Security & Safety Consulting

  • The best human resources (except the skilled CPOs, we provide also specially trained nannies, executive drivers, uniformed security officers, private investigators for due diligence, and more)

  • The last technology in electronic security systems (alarm, CCTV, Access Control, family member's tracking and physical low profile protection, etc.)

  • Electronic Fencing for perimetric protection, produced under US Military Specifications

  • The most advanced technology in armored cars and in body armor

  • The top existing solutions against cybercrime (we can protect your computers, your servers, your emails, and your voice communications, with the highest existing protection around the world)

  • And many more.


Another of our strong points is that the existence of a WBA Team removes problems. Does not create new ones.

We design and we apply security and safety procedures, without to disturb the peace, the personal life and the profile of the client.

We can work even better if we operate in low profile, providing to the client an "invisible" protection and -if needed- even the PPO (Personal Protection Officer) who is always next to the client, he/she knows what "low profile" means and how to be also "invisible", but still there.


We teach this job and according to the opinion of our students and clients, we are the best teachers in the world until today.

Also, we use the experience of decades we have, next to very famous principals and clients, without any successful attack inside our records (pure luck, or succeeded prevention?).

That's how we know this job better than anyone else.

And how we teach the job?

Nothing it will be possible without the valuable services of Ph.D teachers, of top Instructors and with them we can teach all "schools" of applied Close Protection practices like the "British School", the "American School", the "Israeli School" and more, Medical Doctors, Fife fighters, EMS and FEMA Instructors, martial arts experts, firearms experts and more.


We remove all "myths" from the heads of our members, we are teaching them VERY WELL their REAL duties (real life it's not a movie and not only a fight as many they teach as the only topic of the job. Most of the times the duties of a CPO are different than even many of our competitors believe), and then we motivate them to push to the limit their existing skills, we show them the way to obtain new ones, and we can proudly say that, within the first few days next to our client, our teams gaining easily the respect and the cooperation of our clients/principals, because all respecting the professional opinion of the real experts.

All our VIP clients/principals are qualified enough to understand that their protection is in professional hands.


This is how we make our clients SAFE & HAPPY.

This is how we make our team members SAFE & PRODUCTIVE.

This is WHY we are unique and best to what we do, and we keep learning and teaching, because we don't know everything ...yet.


Chief of WBA.